Purim Torah that's not mine

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Someone a long time ago (I'm not sure who) created this Absolut Talmud. This is a scan of a fax. I cleaned it up a bit.

This bit of humor, the Purim Tefillin sign , was done by a fellow in Rochester.

I received a lot of credit for the "Kew Gardens Hills Gym" sign. People told me it was the best of the bunch. Unfortunately, I didn't do it- Yitzchok Hecht did! Here posted for posterity:The New Gym

After seeing my work during a Forest Hills visit, someone decided to pay homage to (i.e., rip off) my idea (which I stole- er, borrowed, from a leitz in Camp Silver Lake. He put out Purim Hatorah in WITS, using a lot of the easy shmoozin. I was in Eretz Yisroel for 1993 and 1994, so they actually filled a gap for my brother and me. My scanner didn't do OCR correctly, so I just typed these out from an original, being very careful to leave in the original spelling and grammar errors. They're in Word format, done in Wordpad, so no viruses, just words.

#1- Little Red Riding Hood-1993

#2- the Three Little Pigs-1993

#3- Humpty Dumpty-1994

#4- Curious George-1995

My brother revised his Mussar Hamadda from 1995 and published in in Miami, as a parody of their Mussar Haskel newsletter. Also in Word format.

Mussar on the Beach

I was originally not going to post this, but after many repeated requests, I complied. This version is a composite of 2 incomplete photocopies, plus some educated guessing and some Davka work. It is mainly based on the observations of a bochur in the branch in Eretz Yisroel .I take no responsibility for the avak lashon hara contained within. The CC Israel Purim Gemara

The next two selections come from an unexpected source- the Sarah Gordon Sisterhood newsletter! At least I think these are jokes...
Shmuessletter tidbit #1
Shmuessletter tidbit #2

The B'Cellem Sign!

Bad Chan Sign

The Kollel Mishna Brura- notice it's in the "not mine" section. I'm just the typesetter, not the author.It's in Hebrew, and you need Davkaviewer- link is on main page.
Kollel Mishna Brurah

The Thanksgiving Mishna...A Word document.got it from Josh Lintz, who got it in an email. Thanksgiving mishna

A Yevamos-oriented Jack & Jill Poem, done by a 9th Grader in Cherry Hill.
Jack & Jill Yevamos


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