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This page is dedicated to humorous signs, including fake ads, Hebrew signs, and miscellany.Similar Content that is not mine is on the "Not mine" page.

This one begins with the time the Yeshiva had new doors put on. They told the guy to paint a design. He made 2 huge exclamation points. They were begging to be made fun of. One day during Maariv, the right way to do so hit me, and I just started laughing during Shemonah Esray- best ideas always come then don't they...
Absolut Forest Hills.

I thought that the stick figure symbol on the bathroom door should be modified for Purim.
Purim bathroom

This is the standard sign I use for the 2nd night Purim Chagigah. It's PDF.
Chagiga announcement

In the old building, there was a stick figure male symbol on the men's restroom, a stick figure female symbol on the ladies' restroom, but nothing on the Hanhala restroom. I thought they could use a symbol of their own.
Hanhala door

I saw a goyishe Mastercard parody, and set my working on a Purim Mastercard idea I could use. I gave the picture 2 motion blurs in 2 different directions  and darkened it to look more Purim-like.Yup, PDF.
Mastercard Purim

This is my standard Purim Seudah sign. It's PDF.
Purim Seudah

The Simcha guidelines were published in the paper 4 days after last year's Purim, too late to do something with them last year, and way too early for this year. Worse yet, the " This wedding adheres to the guideline" logo doesn't appear in ads anymore. But why waste a good parody just because people may not get it?
Simcha Guidelines logo for Purim
Here is a second version. the difference is technical. Some may like the way this one looks more. 2nd version

Here it is- the new Absolut RSA. As soon as I saw the building, I knew that "B'shvili nivra ha'olam"! Absolut RSA

I nailed this off the Internet 5 years ago or so, made a few changes, and claim it as my own now...
The Coffee Psalm