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Yeshiva of Kessel Street Purim Torah

In Forest Hills there runs a one-way, west-bound street named Kessel Street. This street eventually intersects an avenue running north-south known as 69th Avenue. At this intersection was a yeshiva. This web site is devoted to Purim Torah and Purim humor based on the yeshiva which used to exist at that intersection. The Yeshiva has moved, but will still be known as Yeshiva of Kessel Street, to avoid lawsuits and cease-and-desist orders, which shut down the work of Dan the Can. I have shelled out the ca$h to save your neshomos, so no more shmutzy banner ads.


Please note that having the internet is assur gamur. Also, this Purim Torah web site is NOT intended for:


The contents on this page are neither endorsed, nor approved, by the Yeshiva. Views on these pages are not those of the Yeshiva- they are merely the demented ramblings of a student. However, you,  the outsider may come to view them as the official positions of the Yeshiva. You are therefore requested to leave! Exit! Move on!  Thank you very much. If you would like to check out a sanitized version of the page, please click here!

Submissions Accepted!

We are always looking to expand our range of Yeshiva of Kessel Street Purim Torah. If you have any you'd like to submit, please email your file or idea to me at
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Here it is- after all the wait- the new Absolut RSA!

A larger version is available in the "signs" section.

OK. Rant time. There is a distinct lack of leitzanus in the Yeshiva. Not that there is a lack of desire for leitzanus.I always hear complaints that there's not enough of it. There are also plenty of people who used to be leitzanim in the branches. They just disappear into the woodwork once they get to Headquarters. As far as I understand, they are worried about getting a reputation . A reputation will hurt them in the all-important area of shidduchim . A few months after marriage, their personality re-appears- after realizing they were wasting their time. But now it's too late- they simply don't have time to do anything.
I don't think a little leitzanus ruins anyone's reputation. Just don't overdo it. The Yeshiva needs you. The lack of Yeshiva ruach is due to to a lack of unity and a lack of leitzanim lifting everyone's spirits. So out your some personality!

Manitoba- the 19th Anniversary edition- is on its way! Look for it a Kessel Street Yeshiva near you!