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Hebrew Purim Torah

This page is dedicated to Hebrew Purim Torah.

The start of doing the Hebrew Purim Torah was when someone challenged me to do Hebrew Purim Torah.


First year- Bava Kamma- kitzur hilchos purim. the sign was Kitzur hilchos sign .


2nd year- Bava Metzia. Birchas Shmeril . The sign was Birchas Shmeril Sign.pdf.


3rd year- Bava Basra. This was done in Davka, you need either Davka or the Davka viewer.

Tiferes Shmeril. Sign-Tiferes Shmeril Sign


the 2003 Birchas Shmeril vol.1 : Birchas Shmeril 2003

Someone else wrote Yeshiva Terminology-Yeshiva Terminology . This should have been on the "Not mine" page, but rules are made to be broken, and besides it's in Hebrew.